Troubleshooting (Eliminating Downtime)

Employee productivity and satisfaction rely heavily on instant access to workspaces. Workspace issues, especially for shared systems, can be caused by a variety of factors, including infrastructure configuration, resource or network bottlenecks, or application behavior. It is very difficult to spot the root cause of issues especially when workspaces run on complex shared infrastructure, such as virtual or cloud-based workspaces. The longer it takes to resolve problems the greater the impact on user productivity and the business.

But what if you could quickly identify root cause and remediate issues quickly?

Stratusphere™ UX comprehensively monitors workspace performance across the infrastructure providing scoring, composite rankings, and  smart alerts to highlight issues. Admins can very quickly address problems of bottlenecks, resource constraints, workload balancing or misconfiguration before they escalate or even prevent them altogether. Stratusphere UX data can also be leveraged proactively to uncover a spectrum of issues that may be hidden by conducting health checks of the entire environment.

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• Leverage Stratusphere UX metrics to quickly spot issues  across the workspace infrastructure.
• Tap into thousands of end-to-end metrics eliminating “blind spots” due to lack of comprehensive data.
• Prioritize critical issues by impact (severity) and frequency for optimal resolution planning.
• Validate improvements using Stratusphere UX metrics for before/after comparisons.

Customer Savings Example

A utility company adopted Stratusphere UX to allow admins to identify root causes of workspace problems faster and to reduce time-to-resolution on trouble tickets. The customer was running a hybrid environment of workspaces supporting 5,000 users.

After the analysis, this customer uncovered that five key issues were impacting user productivity and that they were losing an average of 300-plus hours per year in user downtime. At an average $45 per hour wage, this downtime ran to sizeable amounts each year.

This customer estimated they will save almost $3,000,000 annually in recovered uptime for employees by proactively monitoring their environment and prioritizing critical issues by impact.

Example: Screenshot shows a portion of a Cost Savings Analysis that focuses on Troubleshooting.

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