Organizations can run the risk of either  under- or over provisioning resources (CPU, RAM) when migrating to a new virtual workspace or cloud environment, which rely on shared infrastructure. Oversizing leads to wasted expense and capacity – as much as 50 to 100 percent of your overall project cost. Under-sizing leads to lost productivity or can prompt hasty upgrades without due regard to cost.

But what if you could plan workspace resource capacity with pinpoint accuracy to precisely match expense to your performance SLAs?

Although exact costs will vary per organization, Stratusphere™ UX’s metric data – when used for right sizing, can save customers as much as $250,000 or more per evaluation. This solution provides detailed metrics that support realistic capacity planning, accurate SLA targets and correct infrastructure and workspace design.  

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• Use Stratusphere UX to capture actual resource utilization (CPU, RAM) to identify over- and under-resourced workspaces.
• Calculate the optimal workspace (instance) sizing based on actual resource consumption data, adjusted for user experience metrics.
• Apply the Process Optimization feature to adjust recommendations on sizing for undersized workspaces.
• Validate sizing adjustments through POC.
• Engage in a POC to confirm impact of Process Optimization on hardware lifecycle extension potential.

Customer Savings Example

A healthcare organization had an environment of 23,000 users working on physical and Azure cloud workspaces. The organization wanted to examine its Azure cloud workspace environment for user density as they were not satisfied that they were getting sufficient value for their investment. A Rightsizing Analysis performed with Stratusphere UX revealed the following recommendations:
• Activate Process Optimization within Stratusphere UX
• Adjust the Azure instance type to match actual usage requirements.

A POC was conducted for two weeks with the recommendations implemented at the halfway point. Upon conclusion of the POC, the findings included the following improvements:
• User density increase by over 40%
• CPU, Disk and Memory usage down
• Overall improvement in user experience
• $4.37M in forecasted CAPEX savings over the next 12 months.

Example: Screenshot shows a portion of a Cost Savings Analysis that focuses on Rightsizing.

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