Application Lifecycle Management with Stratusphere UX

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Enterprises today are faced with many challenges, and among those at the top of the list is the struggle surrounding the deployment and ongoing management of workspace applications. The demand for applications is increasing at an exponential rate, and organizations are choosing to deploy a variety of platforms that bring together a hybrid mix of physical, virtual, and cloud-based workspaces in their environments. Users have come to expect applications to ‘just work’ on whatever device they have on hand. In addition, many applications being deployed today are SaaS approaches which combine a number of components to provide expanded functionality as a service. Therefore, it has become vital to deploy tools that allow organizations to not only get an inventory of their used applications, but also to understand how they are being deployed in their environments. Crucial information about applications includes data about versions, workload impact, resource consumption and application user experience. This whitepaper defines three major lifecycle stages — analysis, user experience baselining and operationalization ― each of which is composed of several crucial steps. The paper also provides practical use examples that will help you create and execute an application lifecycle methodology using Stratusphere UX from Liquidware.