Hardware Life Extension

Every year, organizations invest thousands of dollars upgrading computer hardware. Typically, compute resources are over-provisioned to get longest usage. Over time, as applications are added or updated to existing hardware, performance appears to degrade, and this may prompt another costly upgrade.

But what if you could continue to prolong your hardware investment by years while still getting optimum performance despite increasing workloads?

Our Hardware Life Extension cost analysis report can show you how to implement hardware extension strategies, using Liquidware’s Stratusphere™ UX solution. By both identifying good candidates and applying a unique feature, Process Optimization, you can get a year, or more operation from existing hardware.

Get a FREE Cost Savings Analysis to identify potential hardware life extensions in your environment.
• Audit the environment with Stratusphere UX to gain a complete inventory list of all machines by age.
• Identify the machines that are due to be upgraded in your refresh cycle.
• Identify which machines can benefit from utilizing the Stratusphere UX Process Optimization feature to extend life for one or more years.
• Engage in a POC to confirm impact of Process Optimization on hardware lifecycle extension potential.

Customer Savings Example

A Manufacturing company has a fleet of 5000 devices of varying types that were due to be upgraded in their normal refresh cycle. A Hardware Life Extension cost analysis with Stratusphere UX revealed the following possible savings. Of the 5,000 machines, 80% were good candidates for Process Optimization. At $500 each replacement cost, prolonging the life of existing devices would save the company approximately $2,000,000 for each year that usage can be extended.

Example: Screenshot shows a portion of a Cost Savings Analysis that focuses on Hardware Extended Life.

Now It’s Your Time to Save More While Getting More.

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