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It's as Simple as 1, 2, 3. Check the Tips Below:

FlexApp™ One application containers can run seamlessly on a virtual or physical PC without any additional infrastructure, management console, or time consuming learning process. Try one or more FlexApp packages NOW.  Download any of the files below and run them with a double click!

You will need admin privileges on your machine for this trial (so the FlexApp Container service can first activate). In a production environment, the FlexApp Container service can be automatically activated so admin privileges are not needed.

These FlexApp packages are provided as zipped files to avoid Windows blocking the file by default.  Simply double-click the Zip and double click the FlexApp One package. When prompted, Click 'More Info' → 'Run Anyway' & 'Yes.'

Give FlexApp One a Try! Pick an Application From Below:

Running a FlexApp One application is super simple. Just choose one (or more) of the apps below to download. Then double-click .zip file
& double-click app. First time? When prompted, Click 'More Info' → 'Run Anyway' & 'Yes' for the FlexApp service.
(Prompts can be avoided in production.)

To deactivate a FlexApp One, run the command in the ReadMe.txt file.

FlexApp One FAQs

The application did not run, what can I try?

Click Start, Type: Windows Security, Click Virus and Threat Protection, Look and see if the trial FlexApp was flagged and Allow, Now Close / Exit the FlexApp if you see it's icon in the Systray (important) and Retry the trial FlexApp.

Do these test packages expire?

No, they should be good to run for a year or more.

How can I package my own?

Click here for full instructions on how to package your own FlexApp packages. Be aware, packages you create will expire in 15 days with the trial license.

What is the difference between FlexApp and FlexApp One?

FlexApp One is a feature of FlexApp. Learn suggested uses of each format here:

How can I trial the full version of FlexApp with the ProfileUnity console?

You can download a 15-day fully functioning evaluation here:

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